25 02 2010

Quickly Referenced Commands

%An –  “Auto-Reliable Fallback Character Selection

%Cn –  “Data Compression

%En –  “Auto-Retrain

%Fn –  “v.23 Mode Select

%Gn –  “Auto-Fallback/Fall-Forward

%L –  “Line Signal Level Return

%Q –  “Line Signal Quality Return

%TTn –  “Test Mode

Verbosely Referenced Commands

%An –  “Auto-Reliable Fallback Character Selection”  –  This command selects the character to be used for auto-reliable fallback.

%A0 –  Disable auto-reliable fallback characters

%A1 through %A127 –  Selects an ASCII character for auto-reliable fallback

%Cn –  “Data Compression”  –  This command selects the data compression.

%C0 –  Disable data compression

%C1 –  MNP5

%C2 –  v.42bis

%C3 –  MNP5 and v.42bis

%En –  “Auto-Retrain”  –  This command selects the auto-retrain and fallback/fall-forward modes.

%E0 –  Disable auto-retrain

%E1 –  Enable auto-retrain

%E2 –  Enable auto-fallback/fall-forward

%Fn –  “v.23 Mode Select”  –  This command selects the mode of operation for v.23 split speed.

%F0 –  Disable v.23

%F1 –  Split speed: 75bps upstream/1200bps downstream

%F2 –  Split speed: 1200bps upstream/75bps downstream

%F3 –  Half duplex: 1200bps upstream/1200bps downstream

%Gn –  “Auto-Fallback/Fall-Forward”  –  This command turns auto-fallback/fall-forward on or off.

%G0 –  Disabled

%G1 –  Enabled

%L –  “Line Signal Level Return”  –  This command returns the line signal level.

%Q –  “Line Signal Quality Return”  –  This command returns the line signal quality.

%TTn –  “Test Mode”  –  This command is used for line tests using PTT test signals.




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